Atsuko Kanō
Atsuko Kano
Personal statistics
Name Atsuko Kanō
Kanji 加納 敦子
Gender Female
Relatives Shinjitsu Kanō (husband)
Professional statistics
Occupation Corporate persident of the Kanō
Group Trading Company
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 1
Murder at the Ball
Japanese voice Houko Kuwashima
Atsuko Kanō is Shinjitsu Kanō's wife and the Kanō's Group corporate president. She killed her husband at his ball.


Atsuko is a good-looking, middle-aged woman. She has long, dark brown hair and eyes in the same color. Her skin is rather pale.

At the ball, she wore a yellow/gold, 18th century-style dress and a large red rose attached to her pearl necklace. She also wore red lipstick.




Murder at the BallEdit



Murder at the Ball Correlation
Victim Shinjitsu KanōRyōko Terada EP1 Correlation
Culprit Atsuko Kanō
Other Ittō OnoMasahiko Kanda

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