Bettenou 01
Personal statistics
Name Bettenō
Gender Female
Professional statistics
Occupation God
Partner(s) Ōno
Seigen Hayami
Anime statistics
Debut End of Episode 6
The Code Too Simple
Bettenō is a god (according to Inga, she is like a deity) with the power to turn people's words into a semblance of reality. However, it is revealed by Shinjūrō that she is a misbegotten soul of mere words.


Bettenou 02

Bettenō, in the Novelist's room

Bettenō has pale skin, long white hair and brownish-black eyes. Part of her hair (which is brown in colour) is tied up into two buns on each side on her head, while the rest is left untied. She looks about the same age as Inga.

She wears a white and brown long sleeved kimono-like top with a black cloth bundled around her stomach area. She also wears tight, white pants and almost knee high boots.

Bettenō's original form is similar to that of a large, white-coloured rabbit with pale eyes and markings on each eye.


In her human form, Bettenō does not show any emotion. She never speaks or changes expression, seemingly oblivious of her surroundings.


Bettenō was a god created by the statemen of the country during the war period to feign a nonexistant reality. Thus, when the war was over, Bettenō became a misbegotten soul.


The Code Too SimpleEdit

Bettenō is first seen at the end of the episode.

King of ParadiseEdit

She was said to be involved in the Ōno Myōshin incident, whereby the founder of a cult killed his followers. After the Novelist was approached by Inga at the end of the case, she was said to be taken away by Rinroku.

Kaishō Rinroku's CrimeEdit

She is seen using her powers on Inga under an unknown person's orders.

Kaishō Rinroku's FuneralEdit

Bettenō seemed to be whispering something to Inga before Inga went to question Izumi in court.

I'm Just SearchingEdit

Bettenō was first seen providing Inga something red to eat before the opening song started. She was later seen when Shinjūrō revealed that Seigen Hayami was impersonating Rinroku, before turning into her original form and getting devoured by Inga after a fierce fight.


UN-GO 03

Bettenō using her power on Rie and Izumi

Bettenō has the power to turn her master's words into a semblance reality. This was shown in the Ōno Myōshin incident, where she used her powers on Shinjūrō, Rie, Izumi and Inga. This power only works on people who see or hear Bettenō's master. Another flaw is that Bettenō can't turn a person into someone else if that "someone" is present.