Eitaro Nakahashi
Eitaro Nakahashi
Personal statistics
Name Eitaro Nakahashi
Kanji 中橋 英太郎
Gender Male
Relatives Sumika Nakahashi (sister)
Professional statistics
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 2
Song of the Heartless
Japanese voice Shintarō Ōhata
Eitaro Nakahashi is Sumika Nakahashi's older brother.


Eitaro has short, blonde-brown hair, parted to the right. His skin is quite pale and he has dark eyes. He wears a shirt with purple at the bottom, overflowing into white at the top. He wears black pants.


Song of the HeartlessEdit



Song of the Heartless Correlation
Victim Hisako Osada EP2 Correlation
Culprit An Osada
Other Yonagahime 3+1 = Kumi Tsunemi + Yumeno Zawayume + Sumika Nakahashi
Toshiji AramakiArata OyamadaEitaro Nakahashi

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