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Fumihiko Sasa
Fumihiko Sasa
Personal statistics
Name Fumihiko Sasa
Kanji 佐々 文彦
Relatives Komamori Sasa (father)
Itoji Sasa (mother)
Mitsuko Sasa (sister)
Kazamori Sasa (adoptive brother)
Kigihiko Sasa (uncle)
Professional statistics
Occupation Head of the Sasa Company
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 3
Masked Mansion
Japanese voice Kumiko Watanabe
Fumihiko Sasa is the son of the Late Komamori Sasa and the brother of Mitsuko and Kazamori Sasa. He is the current heir of the Sasa Company, after Kazamori's death.





Masked MansionEdit



Masked Mansion Correlation
Victim Komamori SasaKazamori Sasa EP4 Correlation
Culprit Unknown
Other Itoji SasaMitsuko SasaKigihiko SasaFumihiko SasaHidenobu Taku

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