Kaishō family maid
Kaisho family maid
Personal statistics
Name Kaishō family maid
Gender Female
Professional statistics
Occupation Maid
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 1
Murder at the Ball
The unnamed Kaishō family maid is the family maid of the Kaishō family.


She has dark green hair in a knot on the top of her head. A strand of hair hangs from the left of her face. She has dark red eyes. In her work uniform, she wears a black and white standard maid uniform.


The Kaishō family maid is calm and kind person, good at her work, exactly what is expected from a house maid.


Murder at the BallEdit

Rie put in her dress

The family maid puts Rin in her dress

She is seen when Rie Kaishō is dressing up. She brings her dress in and helps her take it on. While Rie complains about the tight corset, the maid tells her that she looks beautiful, like in a manga. She tells Rie that she will be filling in for her father at Kanō's ball. Rie is mad and moves to her father's room, with the family maid following her. She is later seen attending Rie and Rinroku's discussion, but hasn't been seen again.