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Mitsuhisa and Gomi
Mitsuhisa and Gomi
Personal statistics
Name Mitsuhisa and Gomi
Kanji 五味 乱忘
三久 休次郎
Gender Male
Professional statistics
Occupation Members of the Rising Sun
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 5
The Statue of Illusion
Mitsuhisa Kyūjirō and Gomi Ranbō were two members of the Rising Sun Party. They affiliated with Jirō Shimada and hid in the statue to steal the gold bars, but they were both killed by Yōko Hirato





The Statue of IllusionEdit



The Statue of Illusion Correlation
Victim Mitsuhisa and Gomi EP5 Correlation
Culprit Yōko Hirato
Other Hakurō ShimadaJirō ShimadaSadanobu YamamotoTetsuya Ōtsubo

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