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Ryōko Terada
Ryoko Terada
Personal statistics
Name Ryōko Terada
Kanji 寺田 涼子
Gender Female
Professional statistics
Occupation Special Agent
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 1
Murder at the Ball
Japanese voice Reina Ozaki
Ryōko Terada is a Special Agent of the Metro Police Departement. She was killed by Atsuko Kanō to cover up her murder.


Ryōko has a pale skin and is skinny. She has long black, straight hair and wore lipstick. Her eyes weren't seen, because, as a special agent, she wore dark sunglasses. She dressed in a black suit.




Murder at the BallEdit



Murder at the Ball Correlation
Victim Shinjitsu KanōRyōko Terada EP1 Correlation
Culprit Atsuko Kanō
Other Ittō OnoMasahiko Kanda

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