Shinjitsu Kanō
Shinjitsu Kano
Personal statistics
Name Shinjitsu Kanō
Kanji 加納 信実
Gender Male
Relatives Atsuko Kanō (widow)
Professional statistics
Occupation President of the Kanō Group
Trading Company
Partner(s) Ittō Ono
Masahiko Kanda
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 1
Murder at the Ball
Japanese voice Kinryū Arimoto
Shinjitsu Kanō was the president of the Kanō Group Trading Company. He was accused of fraud and was killed by Atsuko Kanō, during his ball.


Shinjitsu Kanō is a rather aged man. He has a fair amount of wrinkels around his mouth and eyes. He has grey-ish brown hair, combed to the back, and dark brown eyebrows. On his ball, Kanō is seen wearing an ancient Japanese costume.



Murder at the BallEdit

Shinjitsu Kano is killed

Kanō is killed

He held a ball to face the media and prosecutors about his suspition in fraud. When he was about to give a speech to the invitees, he was killed by Atsuko Kanō, his wife.


Murder at the Ball Correlation
Victim Shinjitsu KanōRyōko Terada EP1 Correlation
Culprit Atsuko Kanō
Other Ittō OnoMasahiko Kanda

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