Tanimura Motoko
Tanimura Motoko
Personal statistics
Name Hidenobu Taku
Gender Female
Professional statistics
Occupation Information Criminal
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 07

Appearance Edit

Tanimura is in her late teens and has light brown hair with matching eyes. She appears to be in her late teens. Her skin is light and slightly pale. She is very beautiful.



Motoko was a young hacker whose blog started to be successful due to the information that filtered. That success caused him to start putting in her blog more and more compromising information for the government with the intention to get more visits. Because of this, she was captured and sentenced to prison for criminal information.




Masked Mansion Correlation
Victim Komamori SasaKazamori Sasa EP4 Correlation
Culprit Unknown
Other Itoji SasaMitsuko SasaKigihiko SasaFumihiko SasaHidenobu Taku

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